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  • cleanTips - RapidWeaver Stack

    cleanTips 3 is a complete redesign of our cleanTips stack and allows more versatility in it's functionality. The ToolTip is no longer restricted to a small amount of text - you can now place in editable text, images, media, and even other stacks.

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  • Countdown Clock RapidWeaver Stack

    Countdown Clock - RapidWeaver Stack

    Countdown Clock allows you to easily create single sections of your page to be revealed when a clock has fully counted down as well as a whole page overlay design that automatically centers the clock. There are 3 built-in themes that display the clock, responsive controls, colors, sizing, and more.

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  • Cinema Slider - RapidWeaver Stack

    Cinema Slider is your go-to-stack for stack sliders. It's fully responsive, offers 28 transitions, takes in images, videos, and captions. Super light weight coding offers fast load times and with customizable frames you can style it to match any theme design.

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